What are Valve and Flange Insulation Covers?

Wherever pipes join or bend then it is likely that a flange is required. Unless this joint / flange is insulated then it is a source of heat loss. In a similar way, any ball or steam valve that is not insulated will also be a source of heat loss.

LK Thermal Covers

LK Thermal Covers provide a variety of standard and bespoke valve and flange covers, jackets and blankets to provide this needed insulation.

Who do we supply?

Commercial & Industrial Users

Telephone: 07912 850 728

What are your needs?

  • Valve covers - ball valve or steam valve
  • Flange covers
  • General pipework covers / jackets
  • Biomass boilers
  • Boiler house in a box
  • Pre packaged boiler houses
  • Packaged boiler houses
  • Skid mounted boilers
  • Prefabricated boiler house
  • Portal frame boiler house
  • Portal frame building

Scale of provision:

We are a small operation - but can scale up to suit.

LK Thermal Covers

LK Thermal Covers are a SME and have over 30 years experience within the insulation industry enabling us to advise, design and supply bespoke systems to suit specific customer requirements and provide excellent, efficient and cost effective performance in different working environments.

valve and flange covers

  • bespoke thermal covers


    We can tailor our design for your needs

    07912 850 728

  • bespoke thermal covers

    We cut our cloth accordingly

    We can scale up our services to meet your needs

    07912 850 728

  • bespoke thermal covers

    We won't stitch you up

    Our covers can be made to the highest temperature specification.

    07912 850 728

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